Uk Training Courses


UK Training Courses

For many years our training courses were accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). The RCM recently issued a  statement which  now involves any courses, not only those run by Childbirth Essentials:

'The Royal College of Midwives have decided that from this point onwards we do not undertake any new accreditations or any reaccreditations'.


Unfortunately, due to the high levels of Covid infections, we are not running any face to face courses at this time for either Midwives or Doulas.

To be able to share this Programme with Health Professionals, we are designing an online package.



Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond

This evidence-based Programme is ideal for midwives working in birth centres, whether stand alone or alongside a consultant unit. Home birth midwives plus Independent midwives can integrate this Programme into their practice as another strategy they offer for couples they look after.

It also works extremely well for midwives or MSW's working on busy maternityunits, as the primarly supporter with the specific massage, breathing and visualisation techniques is the mother's birthing partner creating a togetherness and control for the couple.

Because the Programme has been designed to complement and support natural birth, the midwife is taught a number of specific massage techniques to use at different times and situations during labour. The midwives will also be encouraged to complement the mother's circadian pattern from 30 weeks of pregnancy, which promotes and encourages natural birth.

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Training Courses for Doulas

This Programme is an ideal addition for Doulas to add to the strategies offered to couples, whether Antenatal, Intrapartum or Postnatal Doulas. So more choice.

The Programme is offered to women / couples from 30 weeks of pregnancy to help with troublesome sleep patterns, so has a pregnancy focus for the Antenatal Doulas. For the Doulas supporting women during labour the Programme starts at 35-37 weeks getting the birthing partner using the Programme antenatally and continuing it through to labour. Learning a number of specific massage techniques will help the Doula actively support the couple if the midwife looking after the mother decides on different management. The Programme extends to the Postnatal period, so for the Postnatal Doulas, the Postnatal course supports the mother particulalry if she has had a an interventionist birth.  




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