Who is this Programme suitable for?

Your birthing partner needs to be keen and able to have an active role and be involved, so you can work together as a team in preparation for the labour and birth

Ideally your birthing partner needs to be part of your household, or available to spend time with you to learn and enjoy the many
benefits of the Programme 

Whether you are having your baby at home, in a midwifery led unit or in hospital, this Programme can help you to have a positive birth experience.

The Programme would be suitable for:

  • First time mothers
  • Mothers who have previously had a baby/ies
  • If you are wanting a waterbirth

If you are having your care from a consultant, we advise you to check with your midwife as to the suitability of the Programme specifically for You

If your midwife is unsure, I am happy to advise - please contact me.

Contact Linda

Be aware this Programme may not be suitable if either of you have an old or new injury or any condition that might be made worse by giving or receiving massage

If at all unsure, please check with your GP. 


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