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背境 Background

2016年,我有幸被邀請到台灣教授LK按摩項目 (LK Massage Programme®)。


三位來自香港的助產士,黎哲瑩(Jessie); 唐詠紅(Winnie)和 張麗賢(Ellen),她們多年來,一直都在應用和教授夫婦這個按摩項目。她們和我一起來台灣,替我做翻譯工作,效果非常好。



Linda Kimber


Childbirth Essentials

In 2016 I had the pleasure of being invited to Taiwan to teach the LK Massage Programme®.
An enriching experience for me as I learnt about how they worked and their desire for natural birth.
Three midwives from Hong Kong, Lai Chit Ying (Jessie) Wing Hung Tong  (Winnie) and Ellen Cheung (Ellen) who had used and taught the Programme to couples for a number of years, came with me to translate; this worked very well.

The courses are all organised through the Taiwanese Midwives Association and I look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver the LK Massage Programme and meet the enthusiastic and interested midwives in their desire for promoting natural birth

Linda Kimber

Midwife /Director

Childbirth Essentials


按摩項目課程包括: 理論課程 Theory sessions

助產士需參加第一階段LK按摩項目理論課程 -懷孕及分娩-。

Midwives attending a theory session of the phase 1 pregnancy - birth course of the LK Massage Programme


實習課程 Practical Sessions

助產士學習第一階段LK按摩項目課程- 懷孕及分娩的按摩技巧。

Midwives attending phase 1 of the pregnancy - birth course of the LK Massage Programme and learning one of the massage techniques

第二階段 懷孕及分娩課程(培訓員 (2018年) Phase 2 Pregnancy - Birth (Trainers) 2018


The enthusiatic midwives attending the first Trainers course in Tawain and showing off their interesting teaching aid


Phase 2 (Trainers) Course

Practical teaching session

Some imaginative teaching by the midwives.

第二階段(培訓員)課程 實踐教學 助產士的一些富有創造力教學。

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