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Good quality sleep

The Programme starts with information about the many benefits to you and your baby by being in touch with the rhythmic movements and responses of your baby during pregnancy, which has shown to have lasting developmental effects.

Good quality sleep is something very important for all of us, but particularly when you are pregnant. Babies also benefit from their mother’s regular sleep pattern.

Some women experience a decline in quality and duration of sleep as their baby gets bigger and the preparations for the forthcoming birth get more real.

The Pregnancy to Birth phase of the Programme begins from 30 weeks pregnant. The body’s transition from pregnancy to labour follows a circadian rhythm, so the massage breathing and visualisation techniques for this phase have been designed to promote sleep, to support the body’s adaptations, and develop natural pain relieving functions. The massage is performed by the birth partner.

What you will learn in this section

  • The importance of sleep and how you can get your baby in the uterus to start developing a day and night cycle. A good thing to do before the birth!
  • Specific relaxation massage techniques which combine with breathing and simple visualisation techniques to achieve deep relaxation and sleep
  • An overview of the labour phase of the class which specifically looks at the other massage techniques designed to help with relaxation and pain relief.

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What is in this 30-35 week section.

There are 19 videos and information in this section 

  • Comprehensive information about the evidence-based and award winning  LK Massage Programme
    Breathing, Breathing Exercise & Visualisation 

Why we start at about 30 weeks

  • Complementing the mother's Circadian Cycle

Comprehensive information regarding the hormones 

  • Melatonin
  • Oxytocin

Learning the Relaxation Massage Techniques

Positioning for the massaging partner to optimise relaxation and enjoyment 
Connecting the breathing with the massage and adding in the visualisation component with each technique 

How to practice once techniques learnt 

Comprehensive guidance as to how best to practise the techniques, as you progress to 35 weeks of pregnancy

Aide Memoire

Easy reminders all in one place 

Email support 

Email support is available 


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