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Antenatal & Labour Preparation package information

We all prepare for the birth in different ways, and knowing how things will unfold is a mystery, but having some additional knowledge and acquiring practical skills can be very helpful.

There are still high levels of Covid infections and in order to help more couples to assess the package, I have decided not to have face to face classes with couples, which is my preferred way, but rather to teach this Programme through an online comprehensive package.

  • The advantage of this digital package is that in our busy world, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to come to two three hour classes, so with this course package you can learn at your own pace and can revisit the information as often as you need to.
  • You don’t have to live in Oxfordshire
  • I am available on Zoom for additional support by private arrangement

Starting to use the LK Massage Programme can help you and your partner

The LK Massage Programme® combines unique massage techniques with breathing control and visualization, to help prepare you, your partner and your baby both physically and psychologically for a positive birth experience.

Developed by a team of experienced midwives and backed by the latest  research information, this award-winning Programme has been supporting women and their families through childbirth and beyond for more than a decade.

Working towards the birth and being in touch with your baby before birth 

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The LK Massage Programme's preparation course will give practical and enjoyable advice for you to follow during your pregnancy, but also as you approach and go into labour.

You will not only learn about the specific massage, breathing and simple visualisation techniques that can help you, but also how your labour may unfold, and how to work with the different phases supporting you and your birthing partner.

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Who is this Programme suitable for?

Your birthing partner needs to be keen and able to have an active role and be involved, so you can work together as a team in preparation for the labour and birth

Ideally your birthing partner needs to be part of your household, or available to spend time with you to learn and enjoy the many
benefits of the Programme 

Whether you are having your baby at home, in a midwifery led unit or in hospital, this Programme can help you to have a positive birth experience.

The Programme would be suitable for:

  • First time mothers
  • Mothers who have previously had a baby/ies
  • If you are wanting a waterbirth

If you are having your care from a consultant, we advise you to check with your midwife as to the suitability of the Programme specifically for You

If your midwife is unsure, I am happy to advise - please contact me.

Contact Linda

Be aware this Programme may not be suitable if either of you have an old or new injury or any condition that might be made worse by giving or receiving massage

If at all unsure, please check with your GP. 


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I gave birth to my first child, a beautiful baby girl called Rebecca Anna.
I was fortunate enough to have my birth partner present who had learnt the LK Massage Programme.

Looking back on my labour I am totally amazed at how effective the massage was at relieving the pain of contractions. I had been using a TENS machine and a hot water bottle until I could be with my birth partner.

I wouldn't have believed that the massage could be a more effective pain relief than the TENS and hot water bottle - certainly more pleasurable.

During my pregnancy, I experienced the relaxing head massage and learnt the self-massage techniques that helped me sleep.

The head massage helped me fall into a deep sleep as if I had taken a sleeping pill, but natural and better.

I wouldn't want to go through childbirth again without the support of the massage that I was fortunate to receive and learn for myself.

Many thanks from a grateful new mum.
Kate Frost

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