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背景 Background

2014年,我有幸被邀请到中国,在东莞市妇幼保健院教授LK按摩项目 (LK Massage Programme®)。

这对我来说是一次丰盛的经历,因为此行让我了解了一些她们的工作,以及她们对自然分娩的渴望。这一次,有三名医生参加了LK按摩项目的第一阶段课程- 怀孕到分娩,还参观了她们的医院,真是太庆幸了。



In 2014 I had the pleasure of being invited to China to teach the LK Massage Programme® at Dongguan Maternal and Children’s Health Hospital.

It was an enriching experience for me as I learnt a little about how they worked and their desire for natural birth. The first year three Doctors attended phase 1 pregnancy to birth course of the LK Massage Programme and it was wonderful to visit their hospital.

Ms Sing Chu attended the courses and translated them for me and in 2018 Ms Lai Chit Ying (Jessie) joined her to share the translation work. Delivering the courses with translators was a very different experience for me, and it all worked very well.

The courses are all organised by Ms. Huang Li Hua( Assistant Director Nurse), and Dr. Wei Fu Bing, the Principal of Dongguan Maternal and Children’s Health Hospital.
I look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver the LK Massage Programme and meet the enthusiastic and interested midwives in their desire for promoting natural birth.

按摩项目课程包括: 理论课程 The courses consist of: Theory sessions

助产士需参加第一阶段LK按摩项目理论课程 -怀孕及分娩-。

Midwives attending a theory session phase 1 of the  pregnancy - birth course of the LK Massage Programme


实习课程 Practical Sessions

助产士学习第一阶段LK按摩项目课程- 怀孕及分娩的按摩技巧。

Midwives attending phase 1 of the pregnancy - birth course of the LK Massage Programme and learning one of the massage techniques

游泳啦! Taking a Swim

许多婴孩,在很小的时候,就被放在水池里。 不知道他是否喜欢呢!

A number of babies are placed in the water at a very early age.


产前室 Antenatal room


A great area for teaching pregnant women

A pregnant midwife and her husband

A lovely midwife  who learnt phase 1 pregnancy - birth course of the LK Massage Programme

Here she is with her husband enjoying her first pregnancy

Only some of the elements of the Programme were able to be
used as she discovered she was having twins



Quality time spent togther

Here they are both looking delighted and enjoying skin to skin contact with their daughters.

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