Phase 1 pregnancy to birth

Phase 1 pregnancy to birth

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Current evidence suggests that the pregnancy-birth phase of the Programme needs to begin at around 30 weeks gestation for low risk women who do not experience regular nocturnal sleep cycles of 7-8 hours duration at this time. This point in the fertile cycle coincides with the onset of nocturnal uterine activation. For women who already enjoy this pattern of sleep at 30 weeks, the pregnancy-birth phase of the Programme can begin at 36 weeks to coincide with the rise in maternal pain threshold.

This course, which is taught in two 2-day blocks, equips professionals with practical skills and the theoretical knowledge needed to use the LK Massage Programme effectively within their practice, to promote a circadian pattern of uterine activation and birth, and enhance maternal-infant sensory contact immediately following birth. 

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Course Information (5 Subjects)

  • 1. Objectives
    To develop a basic understanding of the neuroendocrine responses to massage from 30 weeks gestation, labour and birth and the importance of a conducive physical environment.

    To develop practical skills to perform the Phase One techniques of the LK Massage Programme, designed to encourage the sleep cycle, reduce maternal anxiety and pain during pregnancy, labour and birth.

    To develop an understanding of complementing maternal/paternal adaptations to mid/late pregnancy, circadian uterine activation, spontaneous labour, birth and dynamic interactions that facilitate attachment and the initiation of suckling and lactation.
  • 2. Learning outcomes
    • Understand the bio-affective responses to massage in non-pregnant adults.
    • Use current research to appreciate the relationship between regular massage, reduced anxiety, sleep and increased pain threshold from pregnancy to birth.
    • Understand the design of the LK Massage Programme as an intervention to complement maternal-fetal and paternal adaptations from mid/late pregnancy to birth and beyond.
  • 3. Teaching and Learning Activities
    Information giving sessions will be interspersed with supervised practice sessions. Teaching and learning activities will include presentations, discussions, audio visual, guided practice and suggested reading.
  • 4. Assessment
    After the first block of teaching, you will consolidate what you have learned and will be asked to feed back on your findings at the start of the second block of teaching.

    Upon completion of the course, participants will be given access to videos and other materials to consolidate learning via the members' section of the Childbirth Essentials website. Participants will also receive a Guideline Booklet.

    A case study needs to be completed demonstrating basic knowledge of current scientific findings that inform the Programme and an account of how the Programme has been practised on a selected client.

    Submission is required within 3 months of completing the course.
  • 5. What next?
    Following successful completion of the Phase One Course, participants can go on to undertake the Phase Two Course, where you will learn the principles of teaching the Phase One techniques to couples.

    This training is essential prior to teaching the LK Massage Programme® to couples.

Course Teacher (1 Teacher)

Linda Kimber

Linda Kimber


Banbury, England



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