Antenatal Classes

We all prepare for the birth our babies in different ways
Knowing how things will unfold is a mystery, but having some more knowlege and practical skills can be very helpful.

If you are more than half way through your pregnancy and not getting a great night's sleep, our 30 Weeks Pregnant Class is designed to help improve the quality of your sleep during pregnancy, which evidence shows will improve your birth experience. You will then join the 36 Weeks Pregnant Class to learn the next stage of techniques from the LK Massage Programme - designed specifically to help you during labour.

For those lucky enough to be sleeping well at 30 weeks, our 35-37 Weeks Pregnant Class is designed to help you and your birth partner prepare for a postive birth experience and teach you practical techniques to help you during labour.

Check out our classes below to find the one that suits you best.

Getting in touch with your baby before the birth

In our busy world it is sometimes difficult to really find the time to prepare for this wonderful event.
Come and join our classes where you will not only learn about the specific massage, breathing and simple visualisation techniques that can help you, but also how your labour may unfold, and how to work with the different phases supporting you and your birthing partner.


Working towards the birth

The LK Massage Programme's preparation classes give practical and enjoyable advice for you to follow during your pregnancy, but also as you approach and go into labour.

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A recent birth experience

I gave birth to my first child, a beautiful baby girl called Rebecca Anna.
I was fortunate enough to have my birth partner present who had learnt the LK Massage Programme.
Looking back on my labour I am totally amazed at how effective the massage was at relieving the pain of contractions. I had been using a TENS machine and a hot water bottle until I could be with my birth partner
I wouldn't have believed that the massage could be a more effective pain relief than the TENS and hot water bottle - certainly more pleasurable.
During my pregnancy, I experienced the relaxing head massage and learnt the self-massage techniques that helped me sleep.
The head massage helped me fall into a deep sleep as if I had taken a sleeping pill, but natural and better.
I wouldn't want to go through childbirth again without the support of the massage that I was fortunate to receive and learn for myself.
Many thanks from a grateful new mum.
Kate Frost

A pregnant midwife and her husband

A lovely midwife  who learnt Phase 1 pregnancy to birth course of the LK Massage Programme

Here she is with her husband enjoying her first pregnancy

Only some of the elements of the Programme were able to be used as she discovered she was having twins

Here they are both looking delighted and enjoying skin to skin contact with their daughters

Thank you for sharing


Quality time spent togther


Banbury, England



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