35-37weeks pregnant Private Class


Are you heavily pregnant?

  • finding it difficult to sleep?
  • have backache?

Do you want your birthing partner to have an active role in supporting a positive birth experience for you both?

The LK Massage Programme®

combines unique massage techniques with breathing control and visualization to help prepare you, your partner and your baby both physically and psychologically for a positive birth experience.

Developed by a team of experienced midwives and backed by the latest medical research, this award winning Programme has been supporting women and their families through childbirth and beyond for more than a decade.

The 35-37 week Class

This 2-3 hour class aims to

help improve your sleep and provide relief from back pain in the final stage of pregnancy.

Did you know…sleep, particularly during this stage of your pregnancy, has an important role to play in supporting your body to labour more effectively.

acts as a coping strategy to help with pain relief & relaxation, empowers you to feel in control of your birth experience, supports upright positions and free movement for those wanting a natural birth.

encourages undisturbed skin to skin contact and attachment with your baby immediately following birth and helps with breast feeding, if you choose to do this.


The 35-37 week Class

You may have already learnt the relaxation elements of the Programme at 30 weeks to help with sleep, or you may be looking to learn the Programme now, because you are between 35 – 37 weeks pregnant.

Learning the Programme between 35 to 37 weeks of pregnancy complements hormonal changes taking place in your body during this time.

Your birth partner will learn to perform the massage, resulting in a well-practised partnership over the final month of pregnancy, in preparation for labour. Many people feel this brings you closer together as a couple.

Whether you are wanting a class for the first time or having your second one, we are delighted to share this exciting time with you!


What will you learn at the class

The class covers:

  • The run up to labour and what to expect during the early and active phases
  • An introduction to the hormones that play an important role during pregnancy and labour and how to make them work to help you,
  • Learn the LK Massage techniques for use in the last month of pregnancy and during labour
  • Positions to promote natural labour and birth
  • Breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques
  • The importance of creating a relaxed night-like environment
  • A discussion about any concerns or fears, and strategies that may help with these.

Vital Baby pack

A complementary gift pack is offered when you attend a class

vital baby have years of experience and produce high quality and safe products. Just what you need following the birth.

This vital baby® NURTURE™ bag contains some super essentials such as ultra comfort breast pads and microwave steriliser bag and a book of NURTURE™ which is full of top tips and comments to reassure and guide parents through the first few months of parenthood

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Get in touch !

Book a class with your birth partner to help you sleep better and prepare for your labour and birth
Cost - £110
If you have attended the 30 week class then you are legible for a 25% discount on this class      

  • You will receive a 100ml bottle of carrier oil, and access to the members area of the site which includes an easy to follow guide, plus video clips to remind you of the key techniques learned.

  • An aide memoire
  • A complementary Vital Baby Gift pack (One pack per couple)


    This one-to-one class enables you and your partner to learn the Programme in the comfort of your own home.

    Private classes are offered in the Oxfordshire area. If you are outside this area, but would like to learn the Programme, please contact Linda to discuss options.


Look forward to meeting you

Banbury, England




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