30 weeks pregnant Private Class


Are you having trouble getting a good restful night's sleep?

Good quality sleep is something very important for all of us, but particularly when you are pregnant. Babies also benefit from their mother’s regular sleep pattern.

Some women experience a decline in quality and duration of sleep as their baby gets bigger and the preparations for the forthcoming birth get more real.

This 2 hour class, learnt at 30 weeks, has been designed for women who have poor quality sleep and aims to help both mother and partner have better nights.


Starting to use the LK Massage Programme can help you and your partner!

The LK Massage Programme® combines unique massage techniques with breathing control and visualization to help prepare you, your partner and your baby both physically and psychologically for a positive birth experience.

Developed by a team of experienced midwives and backed by the latest medical research, this award winning Programme has been supporting women and their families through childbirth and beyond for more than a decade.

The class is ideally split into two time frames, 30 weeks and 35 – 37 weeks


What will you learn in the class

During the class, you will learn about:

  • The importance of sleep and how you can get your baby in the uterus to start developing a day and night cycle. A good thing to do before the birth!
  • Specific relaxation massage techniques which combine with breathing and simple visualisation techniques to achieve deep relaxation and sleep
  • An over view of the second phase of the class which specifically looks at the other massage techniques designed to help with relaxation and pain relief.

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Book a class with your birth partner to help you sleep better and prepare for your labour and birth
Cost - £70.00


You will receive 

    • a 100ml bottle of carrier oil, and access to the members area of the site which includes an easy to follow guide, plus video clips to remind you of the key techniques learned. 

    • An Aide Memoire 

  • A complementary Vital Baby Gift pack


    This one-to-one class enables you and your partner to learn the Programme in the comfort of your own home.

    Private classes are offered in the Oxfordshire area. If you are outside this area, but would like to learn the Programme, please contact Linda to discuss options.


    The second part of the class will be when you are between 35 – 37 weeks pregnant and a mutual date for this one will be organised with you.

Look forward to meeting you

The vital baby pack


A complementary gift pack is offered when you attend a class

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