Research and Background

The observational research (feasibilty study) started in 2003 in partnership with Mary McNabb, Anne Haines (Thomas) and Professor Christine McCourt, with support from the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit. The study used the LK Massage Programme and explored the value of massage in reducing the need for pharmacological analgesia in labour; the environment was an essential facet of this study.

During the feasibility study, Linda worked as a research midwife observing the use of the Programme and as a team they examined in depth the psychological and neuroendocrine responses to its use.

Following this they conducted a pilot Randomised Controlled Trial (Alternative Labour Pain Strategies (ALPS) commenced in January 2005 at the Horton Maternity Hospital and completed in March 2006.


In 2006 Linda became director of Childbirth Essentials® following completion of the two research projects.

Linda, Mary and Anne designed a series of courses for Professionals which continue to be accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, entitled 'Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond: Neuroendocrine responses to massage in late pregnancy, labour and postpartum: theory and practice'. These courses are for professionals wishing to support women during pregnancy, labour and attachment.

Linda continues to work closely with Mary and over the years the Programme has developed following the current evidence.  They share and bring together their own particular passions and skills to improve women's experience of birth. Linda teaches on the courses and speaks at conferences.

Mary researches the evidence base and continues to inform the scientific underpining of the Programme. She also attends and speaks at conferences

Linda teaches couples interested in learning the Massage Programme, which is a passion of hers.


Banbury, England



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