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What is the LK Massage Programme?

Our evidence-based Programme is designed to complement and support natural birth and to deliver a positive birth experience for all.

Using specific massage techniques which are linked with breathing and visualisation, the Programme delivers specific benefits from 30 weeks of pregnancy, during labour and postnatally.

The Pregnancy to Birth phase of the Programme begins from 30 weeks pregnant. The body’s transition from pregnancy to labour follows a circadian rhythm, so the techniques for this phase have been designed to promote sleep, to support the body’s adaptations and develop natural pain relieving functions. The massage is performed by the birth or massaging  partner.

During labour, the familiar touch of the birth / massaging partner in a low lit private environment enhances relaxation and pain relief. This enables mothers to become oxytocic throughout labour, birth and attachment. As labour progresses, specific techniques can be used to provide targeted assistance if required. These techniques may be delivered by the midwife or doula.

Following birth, the Post Natal phase of the Programme is used to counteract the effects of medical interventions, minimize maternal-infant separation, stimulate suckling and lactation and help new parents to bond with their baby.

Promoting a Positive Birth Experience for All!

The LK Massage Programme aims to create a positive birth experience for all.

Feedback from couples shows that they enjoy using the massage antenatally and their quality of sleep often improves.
During labour many report they feel empowered, that it helps with pain relief and the partner enjoys having an active partnership role.
The babies appear to be calmer at birth and continue to enjoy gentle massaging touch.

Feedback from midwives
Many find they get increased job satisfaction as they follow the mother's circadian cycle and use and facilitate the use of the Programme through different phases of labour in partnership with the couple


Linda Kimber


Linda delivers our training courses. A highly experienced midwife and trained massage therapist, her desire to find effective ways to help couples to achieve a positive birth experience and to support natural birth was instrumental in the development of the Programme.

Mary McNabb

Scientific advisor and academic midwife

Mary researches the evidence base for the Programme. Having worked as a Senior Lecturer in Midwifery Education for many years, and contributed to the last four editions of Mayes' Midwifery, she ensures the Programme complements maternal circadian physiology and neuronal, neuroendocrine and emotional adaptations from 30-36 weeks' gestation until the initiation of suckling-lactation.

Ruth Rayner


Having used the Programme in her practice as a midwife , Ruth joined the team after the birth of her own son, where she experienced the benefits of the Programme first hand.

Lai Chit Ying (Jessie)

Nurse/Midwife/Lactation Consultant

Jessie has attended all the LK Massage Programme courses. She has taught the Programme to couples and translated a number of documents so the Programme which supports natural birth can be delivered to interested midwives in Taiwan and China. She is attending the Advanced course and has just conducted an RCT assessing many elements of the Programme. Her initial findings are in the research, Hong Kong section.

Tong Wing Hung (Winnie)

Nurse / Midwife / Lactation Consultant

Winnie has attended all the courses and has used the Programme within her practice. She teaches couples and has been involved in translating the documents included in the LK Massage Programme. Winnie has been to Taiwan to translate and helps deliver the Programme to interested midwives. She is also attending the Advanced course.

Ms Sing Chu

Midwife /Maternity Department Manager - Matilda International Hospital

Ms Sing Chu has been a supporter of the Programme since we first introduced it to Hong Kong in 2009. She has attended some LK Massage Programme courses and has translated a number of documents so that the Programme could be introduced to a hospital in China. Ms Sing Chu has been a translator enabling the Programme which supports natural birth to be taught to interested midwives in China

Ellen Cheung

Midwife/ Lactation Consultant

Ellen has attended all the LK Massage Programme courses and is passionate about natural birth. She has also used the Programme with the birth of her children and felt the benefits. She has translated a number of documents and has traveled to Taiwan to help as a translator, to bring the Programme which supports natural birth to the interested midwives.

Sing Chu, Midwife /Maternity Department Manager

The LK Massage Programme is outstanding. 

It not only enriches the professional knowledge and massage skills to apply for pregnancy and during childbirth for our midwives, but also benefits the pregnant women and their families in Hong Kong.The professional teaching of the Childbirth Essentials tutors is well received by learners. They are just wonderful!

Amanda, Midwife

Having witnessed many couples using the LK Massage Programme in labour, previously having taught them during pregnancy, the effect is quite unique in that the bond between the couple appears to be much stronger with the partner having more confidence in their ability to be an effective supporter.

Kim, Mother

I'd like to thank Linda for helping me and my partner have the best possible birthing experience. We have attended her course for couples twice, once for each of our labours.

I can't recommend it highly enough - the massage techniques really do offer highly effective pain relief I've experienced in labour. (I can compare to tens machine, pethidine, and water bath during my first labour).

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